08 Unforgettable Facts about Amazon


Amazon is the lungs of the Earth. Undoubtedly, you can know some amazing Unforgettable Facts about Amazon. it is considered as the best evergreen forest in the world.  It has a high diversity which is not discovered yet.  Scientists believe that there are many secrets and mysteries left to discover. Here are 08facts about Amazon forest.

Highest bio-diversity

Amazon is rich in many biological sources. The highest bio-diversity is such a factor. There are 3000 fish species, 1300 bird species, 430 mammal species, and 2.5 million insects as well. That’s a reason to hear in news that such a new animal has been found in Amazon. 

Only for animals

Amazon rain forest is a good source for the animals that can live peacefully. Though it has got a huge number of species in all kinds, only few people live there.  Most of them are members of different tribes.  It is said that there are 50 tribes in the jungle who haven’t not made any contact with the civilization.

It’s not world’s lungs either

As it was mentioned earlier, Amazon is not the lungs of the world. Though it has got several products as gifts for human, it is not the richest source that provides oxygen to the world. Because, it releases the same volume of Carbon Dioxide to the environment just like Oxygen.  Majority of the oxygen demand is provided by microorganisms in sea waters.

It depends on Sahara

Though Sahara is a desert in Africa, it has a connection with Amazon forest. Latest sattelites have shown that Sahara dirt particles are used as a source for the growth of plants. That might still be a thing to be discovered.

Amazon River has flown back

A research has shown that the Amazon River, one of the longest rivers in the world has flown to the opposite direction in the past.  The river has flown to the opposite direction that flows today until Mount Andes had shown up.

It vanishes in leaps and bounds

Though it has the largest acreage as a forest, its lines get thinner day by day which means deforestation is going on inside the jungle. It has been calculated that 1.5 acre is being cut in each second and 137 species get extinct in every second you spend. If this keep happening for more thirty years, there will be nothing as a forest called amazon.

It’s dark down there

Even though you pay a visit to Amazon, it won’t be as lovely as shown in movies. It is hard to see sun even in the day time as lots of creepers and greenish plants cover the jungle. Fertility of the soil is extremely low as decomposed matter is being used by plants.

Foods and medicine

Amazon is the best place to find medicine. Many rare herbs have been able to cure millions of lives thanks to Amazon rain forest. All the pharmaceutical institutes dig into the forest and look for a medicine that can be useful for several diseases. Also, Amazon is a best place for food.  More than 80% of foods origin is Amazon.



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