A Nature Meditation

nature meditation
nature meditation

You will get to know what is Nature Meditation

Nature meditation. You feel anyhow sedated as if the forces of nature have planned to place you to sleep and to place you relaxed. The wind massages our body with caresses of coolness as the sun unties our muscles with entering warmness.

Lie back and absorb the peaceful vibrations which flow into every a part of your being, whispering, «be asleep, relax my friend, all is well now».

A good rest falls upon you; not really nap but a half-conscious-half-sleep state, during which the trees, sounds and breeze begin to return inside and blend with all of the thoughts and feelings. it’s as if the door of your mind has been opened and every one of these conversations, actions and perceptions lying unresolved, floating at various depths within the sea of the mind begin to float upwards and outwards.

Inner peace and outer peace

The reality now’s a mix of the inner and outer. The peace and security of being within the womb of nature allow us to surrender to the sun, water, and wind, while the earth-draws out our stresses and frustrations.

We swim semiconsciously at the extent where the conscious compounds into the unconscious.

We dance in our sea of consciousness, sometimes floating up to the surface, catching the feeling of the breeze and heat of the sun. Then we dive downward into a stream of upward floating thoughts, images, sounds—all the dislodged decline from nervous tensions and unresolved problems.

We watch them as they float by then dive deeper, sensing by now there’s something at rock bottom of the ocean, which is charming to us.

Occasionally we get caught by an upward floating sensation of worry, resentment, a picture or an attachment, and before we all know it, we are at the surface again thinking, wondering, worrying, being rocked by the waves of attachment.

But the dance goes on, we start to sink again, for by now we see that we cannot really dive because diving is just too intense – there’s an excessive amount of effort – we get hooked too easily on upward floating garbage.

We learned the dance of the water, sinking, watching, letting go, being carried on the vertical currents of water. From the bottoms of our consciousness, sort of a seagull with wings spread flying the air currents flowing against it without a movement, without an attempt, letting the air do all the work.

By this point, we are not any longer concerned about where we are going. The water becomes more explicit, free from debris. We’ve gone beyond the amount of stress release, past wreckage of old memories, relationships, failures and traumas.

The water converts very fresh, very still, very calm.

We are proceeding to the source of our life current, the spring of pure consciousness. Here we may encounter pure light or energy. Only subtle vibrations exist here. Our bodies become renewed with life. Our consciousness is replaced and purifying the ocean of consciousness, regenerating the mind, giving new life to each cell of our brain.

If we do not become enchanted by the spirit of sunshine, by the bliss of this energy which charges within our system, then we may sink a touch deeper into the vast nothingness from which the spring of life flows.

Here there’s not even energy; nobody, no mind, no light, no sound – absolute nothingness – total vacuum – only tremendous potential unmanifest Divine Consciousness, from which all life and material creation flow.


The sound of tweeting birds welcomes you as you gently float to the surface. The branches are playing in the wind wave. The vibrations of insects buzzing and water splashing salute you with a «welcome back friend, you are piece of us now».

It needs a while to memorize where you are. You were only gone 20 minutes, but it appears you have been in this place all your lifetime. Your mind is cleared, restored and, most importantly in the present.

There is zero to do just remove your outfits and go swimming.

Have you ever gone to this quiet river in the countryside?

Most everybody has done it occasionally – either to a stream, river, mountain, sea, or forest. And how well and renewed we feel when we return. Anyhow all things is more alive, more peaceful.

Can we continue to the stream every day?

It absolutely would be pleasant, and life would be less complicated. Of course for most of us it is utterly impossible as our time, money and availability of such areas.

Mother Nature has a secret for us. We do not need to go anyplace at all. The stream of life, that station of peace and origin of strength, wisdom, and harmony – sleeps right inside every one of us.

What is meditation?

It is visiting this stream daily. Naturally, it is the falling dance into our sea of consciousness, releasing the submerged stresses and coming to the point of inner stillness where there is no object of consciousness – but consciousness itself.


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