Covid19 originated from METEORITE which hit China last year – bombshell scientist claim

Coronavirus came from METEORITE
Coronavirus came from METEORITE

THE deadly COVID 19 that has destroyed more than 1,000 people globally arose from a meteorite that crashed China last year, specialists have sensationally declared.

Coronavirus was brought into the Earth’s environment on a piece of a comet that spread out “hundreds of trillions” of viral particles. Physicians fear the disease, which can be opened before victims show any signs, could spark a global pandemic. The surface of the new strain of coronavirus is thought to be the outcome of panspermia – infective agents in space which eventually reach the Earth’s atmosphere.

Specialists have long held that viruses, bacteria and coasts of DNA exists in space carried on comets and meteorites.

They can flow into the Earth’s stratosphere before befalling to the surface of the earth poses a danger to human health, they say.

The development of the novel coronavirus is expected to be the result of a chosen meteorite hit recorded in China last autumn.

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, said: “The sudden explosion of a replacement coronavirus is exceptionally likely to maintain an area connection, the strong localization of the virus within China is that the most remarkable aspect of the disease

“In October last year, a fraction of a comet collapsed during brief news in North East China.

“We think it probable that this contained embedded within it a monoculture of infective 2019-nCoV virus particles that survived within the interior of the incandescent meteor.

“We analyze the apparently extreme possibility that many trillions of infective viral particles were then published enclosed within the sort of fine carbonaceous dust.

“We believe infectious agents are prevalent in space, carried on comets, and may fall towards Earth through the troposphere.



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