General Motors Registers a Patent for a Blockchain
General Motors Registers a Patent for a Blockchain

General Motors with the Blockchain

One of the main car corporation, General Motors, or GM, has filed a patent application for a continuously updating navigation map system. The system will utilize blockchain to combine data from vehicle sensors and build a strong map for self-governing vehicles.

According to the filing, which was presented on Oct. 1, 2018 and declared on April 2, 2020, existing maps are “difficult to keep dynamic without incurring high costs.

General Motors’ resolution is to share the process to many vehicles, which would collect data about their surroundings through sensors as they drive throughout.

Any difference is transmitted to a blockchain system that contains all the map data. The “candidate transaction” is then confirmed if another vehicles report an alike change. The patent recommends that the network need to be kept by vehicles and mining nodes placed in data centers.

The scheme was extended for General Motors’ “Super Cruise” Option, that presents a semi-automated driving adventure on amazing luxury models. Unlike opponents from Tesla, the system relies very densely on exploration maps.

The patent shows that one of the advantages of the system is dividing the map generation process and allowing multiple vendors to contribute to a single map. This is likely the reason why it implements blockchain. 

Automotive industry and blockchain

General Motors is one of the more rich car companies in the blockchain division. It was one of the five car makers examining a blockchain-based payment and identification system for vehicles. 

Its investment arm financed into a blockchain startup in June 2018, in an effort to curb auto investment fraud.



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