Google has been providing many features from a search engine feature to their latest updates. There are some updates and features provided by Google that most of the users are unaware. Here are 08 of those hidden features that you can enjoy.

Flip a coin

There is a hidden feature in the Google search engine called “Flip a coin’. This allows you to flip virtual coin in the air and it lets you to see whether it is a head or a tail. What you just have to do is to type Flip A Coin on the address bar. Then it will decide if it is heads or tails. This action can be done as a repeated process as well. If you are in a situation where you are not certain to decide a thing, Google can do it for you.

Pacman, the Gme

This game can be played if you are interested to play a game.  There are several games that can be played using the Google search engine. If you are free to have a simple play with a game, Google Pacman will take you to a child’s play in an instant.  There are even other games like play tic tac toe, Solitaire, minesweeper and many games. This doesn’t require any time to download or install. What you just need to do is to type the games name on the address bar.

Google chrome game

This is also an impressive thing that can be seen in the chrome browser.  You must be having some kind of trouble with the browser. That is not a strange thing at any cost. Even though what part of the world you live, you might be having problems with the network for sure. This small dinosaur game can take you to a small world for a second. That is an adventure game where you have to jump and sneak to avoid obstacles and birds. There is nothing to worry about the network as the page will appear as soon as it is available.

Google Calculator

You must have had a time when you couldn’t find a calculator to do some fixes. As an internet user, sometimes you eventually need that as well. There is nothing to worry as the Google Calculator will assist you for those moments. If you take 02 minutes to take the calculator into your hands, this app will appear on your browser in less than 02 seconds. All you need is a stable connectivity. Then the calculator is all yours.

See the passwords

This is a common problem for most of the users. As you already know, Google Chrome can remember any password with your permission. Most of the internet browsing users forget their passwords as the Chrome can remember those passwords. If you encounter a virus or accidentally delete those browser’s data, you will have to recall those passwords so that you can enter to the accounts.  This is a serious thing when you don’t remember the password of your Facebook account, email account or, any financial platform account. There is an option in the chromes menu that you can view the phone’s saved passwords. So, you can remember them by hard whenever you want.

Incognito mode

This is also another feature that most of the internet users don’t use. There are lots of web sites that contain advertisements as well as other pop up stuff. Ad blocker is a best thing that can be used to avoid those things. But, there are some web sites in the world that ask you to turn off the features like ad block. This is not a cool thing to do as you can be exposed to the outer web. What you can easily do is to activate the incognito mode and have the access to that site. That mode hides all your details as well.


This is one of the best thing that can be done with the Google Chrome browser. What you can do is anything you want. There are lots of things that can be downloaded for your chrome browser. If you are not a member of this club. You have already missed so many things for sure. There are themes, wall papers, apps, and games too. As an example, you will be able to find an option to change your VPN if you search for that.

Get simple answers with the Assistance

This feature was introduced for the android devices basically. You can have a question answered by the Google Assistant on your phone.  Simply you can hold the home key and the assistant will be at your service. There are lots of things that can be done with her. You can either change the voice of her or ask her to remember your details. If you are curious about the day’s weather, she will tell you a detailed description as well. There are some other things that cannot be performed like changing her name. This is a nice way to spend your time in a stable internet connection. You can make it either useful or entertaining.



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