How to Organize, Streamline and Transform your Kitchen in One Day

How to Organize, Streamline and Transform your Kitchen in One Day
How to Organize, Streamline and Transform your Kitchen in One Day

Has cooking become a chore you dread? Not because you hate cooking but because your kitchen is so cluttered that it’s like going into a battlefield? There’s not enough room on your countertops. You spend ages looking for a specific pan or utensil. Finding a measuring cup is like looking for buried treasure…
If this scenario seems familiar, then it’s time to bring sanity back to your kitchen. The following steps are simple, straightforward and easy. They will help you organize and streamline your kitchen in just one day.

Start with radical decluttering
Place a few empty cardboard boxes in the middle of your kitchen and go through everything in your cupboards and drawers. Thoroughly declutter by separating items to donate and items to throw away in the cardboard boxes.

  • Get rid of duplicate gadgets that more or less do the same thing
  • Het rid of duplicate utensils
  • Get rid of chipped or cracked plates, mugs and glasses
  • Get rid of stained pots and pans and containers that are missing lids.
  • Evaluate each item and just get rid of everything you don’t use on a regular basis.
  • Get rid of old spices and other food items 5that have expired
    When you’re through, your drawers and cabinets should ideally contain half of what they did before.
    Create functional work areas
    In other words, clear those counters!
    You should now have enough room in your drawers and cabinets to move everything on your counters inside them to create kits of space for cooking and food preparation.
  • Your counters should be bare except for items you use every day like the coffee machine or blender.
  • Make sure that areas around the sink and stove are clear to make cooking and cleaning easier.
    Organize supplies smartly
  • Place utensils and supplies for like tasks near each other. For example, baking bowls, cake pans and measuring cups can be organized in a cabinet with spatulas, whisks and measuring spoons in an adjoining drawer.
  • Organize mugs, glasses plates and serving dishes in a separate area.
  • Stack pot and pans neatly, each with its lid and organize large frying forms and cooking spoons in a drawer nearby or above the cabinet,
    This simple method will streamline your tasks and save loads of time.
    Group and clearly label spices
    It doesn’t make sense to have your spices scattered in different places.
  • Group them all together in one cupboard or invest in a decorative spice rack that stays on the counter.
  • Label the tops of the spice jars clearly to easily find what you want.
  • If you keep your spices inside a cabinet, put them all in a basket. That way, you can take out the whole basket, keep everything nearby when you’re cooking then put it back when you’re done.
    Invest in containers and drawer dividers
  • Use containers to group small items like peelers, measuring spoons or scissors together and easy to find when you need them
  • Use drawer dividers to keep items separate and again, easy to find.
    That’s how easy it is to transform your kitchen from a place of clutter and chaos to an organized, functional space where you will enjoy preparing creative meals or just relaxing with a cup of coffee,
    There’s nothing fancy or complicated to it. Just follow the simple steps above and get down to it. All you need is one day, determination and a few cardboard boxes!
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