Law of Attraction Tips: Gratitude

Law of Attraction Tips: Gratitude
Law of Attraction Tips: Gratitude

This is one of the best Law of Attraction Tip that is we can call as Gratitude. Don’t miss one of the most powerful ways to manifest all your deepest desires and biggest life goals – gratitude. Every single day, say what you are grateful for, say it out loud, thank people, thank the universe, and write it down.

Wake Up with Gratitude

Start each and every day with a feeling of gratitude. Before you get out of bed or do anything in the morning, thank the universe for waking up, for being in this home, for whatever first comes to mind. Its very important when we talk about law of attraction. You can just think this in your head, or say it out loud. Be thankful that you woke up in your warm bed, be grateful for your kids or your partner sleeping next to you, for the dog who wants to go for a walk, for the cup of coffee you are about to enjoy.

Say Gratitude Out Loud Throughout the Day

A powerful way to show gratitude is to say thank you to the universe every time you do anything or feel appreciation. It can be as simple as being glad your dogs are healthy, enjoying the sunshine, or just having a wonderful hot cup of coffee in the morning.

Whenever you feel gratitude, say gratitude! Say it out loud, even if it seems funny to you. Thank anything and everything you feel grateful for during the day, tell people to thank you when they hold the door open, thank the many blessings in your life.

Write What You are Grateful for

To further instil gratitude in your subconscious, write down what you are grateful for each day. Many people prefer doing this in the morning when they first wake up. Whatever you feel the most gratitude for in the morning, write down, and that will improve your mood for the day. You can also write down a few things in the evening, reflecting on what brought you gratitude during the day.

Be Grateful When You Are Scripting

Lastly, you can show gratitude for something you are trying to manifest, that hasn’t happened yet. This is done in the form of scripting. If you are trying to manifest money, write that you are grateful for receiving all this money, or for the abundance in your life. Start doing this in the morning, expressing gratitude for what you want to receive that day.

For example:

Thank you for the many blessings I received today.
Thank you, the universe, for such a wonderful day.
I am grateful for the abundance I received today.
I am grateful for my health and vitality today.



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