5 Things You Need to Know About Your Electronic Devices

Things You Need to Know About Your Electronic Devices
Things You Need to Know About Your Electronic Devices

It is difficult to assume that smartphones have been popular for less than 15 years old. It seems like our electric devices have been with us forever. Since it is too early for the longitudinal impacts of electronic devices on our body, we don’t know the long-term impact of our digital life. But here are five things that we know about our electronic devices today.

Decrease Your Sleep

One of the most prevalent physical health results of too much screen time is the lack of quality sleep. The investigation has now proved that the screen light of our device can stimulate the cells in our eyes and reset our internal clock, which is the circadian rhythm. Not only does this affect our sleep, but it could also cause some health issues since circadian rhythm issues are connected to cancer, metabolism issues, and cognitive dysfunctions.

Increase Your Weight

Unsurprisingly, our electronics inspire obesity. A massive study of over 90,000 participants concluded that independent of physical activity, it was observed that obesity and screen time are positively correlated. A longitudinal study showed that 60% of overweight incidence in their study was attributable to excess screen time.

Decrease Your Attention

The attention span in our digital world has gone from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today 2015 (this is less than a goldfish’s attention, which is about 9 seconds). Our lack of concentration makes us more forgetful, less engage with others, and also exhausted.

Produces Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Phantom vibration syndrome it the perceived vibrations from a device that is not vibrating. In research done with over 250 undergraduates, 89% had experienced phantom vibration. Our electronic devices are playing tricks on our minds by making us believe something that we have received a notification when, in reality, we haven’t.

Decrease Our Productivity

According to some studies, the constant distraction of our electronic devices can lead us to be 40% less productive during our day. The average user will lose over three hours a week just by picking up their phone. Besides, we lose, on average, 2.5 hours a day on social media.

The impact that our devices currently have on us is a strong argument to reduce our screen time and gain a healthier and happier life. Everything in this world is about finding balance, and it also applies to the digital world.



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