You must have been already aware about the factors that have made Apple devices significant ones among all other devices. Most important thing for your device is its hardware as Apple Company is using well recognized and quality materials for their devices. They are more reliable than all other devices and Apple phone is considered to be a significant phone all over the world because of that. Secondly, Apple brand has been a leading phone brand because of the more approved versions of applications. The apps in iOS are considered to be the precious apps in the worls as all other mobile brands are trying to inspire them. We can have an example as, the clock icon on Apple iPhone was truly showing the real time. Then it was copied by Oppo and they are following a similar method to Apple. Not only that, but also there are many advancements in the world inspired by Apple iPhones and tablets. Siri, IPhone and iPad virtual assistant is such a unique product invented by the Apple developers.  Siri has to be identified well to have perfect experience with iOS as Siri is considered to be one of the greatest creation done by Apple developers. Here are some things you need to be aware before having an iOS running device.

Send text messages with Siri

Siri has allowed you from typing a text message to send it to the desired recipient you want. It can be done by Siri and you can give commands to type the message by Siri. If you want to speak the message while Siri types it according to your voice instructions that will be able to be done without even looking at your phone. After typing the message, you can command to Siri to send it to the person you want to send. If it is already saved on phonebook, you can call the name or you can tell the number to send the message. If you need to send the message to an entire group, you will be able to send it as a group message as well.  If you instruct Siri in an informal way like “Tell mom I will be late today”, Siri will understand it like crystal clear.

Read the text message you have received

If you want to feel the text message received, Siri will read it for you. You can navigate the message you want and Siri will read it for you to have a different experience. If you want to add multiple changes to your message, you will be able to do that as well. When you need to delete the last message you have received, a simple command will be fair enough saying “Delete the last message I have received”. Siri is not using an outdated operating system or a grade 3 type programs. Siri can be called as one of best virtual assistants in the world because of these features.

Keep in touch with Sports

You must be a fan of any game or sport in the world. You will be able to refer the information of your favorite sport using Siri. What you have to do is to inform Siri about the sport you love the most. Then Siri will provide relevant data like the scores, team contents, special features, and many more.  Your favorite game is not a distant sport for you anymore because of the Siri’s involvement.  You can ask Siri about the ongoing matches as well as their scores. Siri will understand you and inform you not only about the scores but also other cool stuff as well.

Movies with Siri

Your mobile phone was a device used to communicate with each other in the past. Then some hardware elements were added to ensure the entertainment category is being added to newly produced phones. But, you need to know that a mobile phone is a greatest item to have entertainment. If you need to go in search of the entertainment, your device will help you. You are not isolated in the world of entertainment with Siri, as you can get to know about lots of information about the concerts, movies, dramas, and many other things. If you need to know about the films showing in theaters, Siri will assist you indeed. If you want to know the place where Arana Grande is going to sing, Siri will answer you.

Give yourself a name, so Siri can call you

If you want to be a pet yourself, Sir will love it. What you have to do is to say the following, “Call me …..” then Siri will use that name. There is nothing to worry as Siri is not going to remember it forever. He will remember it until you are going to change your name. Siri will call you by your name and it will say it in a lovely way for sure.

Surf Siri

Siri is capable of lots of things. This article is not long enough to say what Siri is capable of.  Siri is one of the best assistants in the world that can perform a load of work within the shortest time period. You can identify Siri’s abilities by asking “What can you do?” or a similar question. Though the answer is started as a formal conversation, you will be able to know everything you should know about Siri. The path will be decided according the way you are questioning Siri.

Say Bye to Siri

You can simply say “Bye Siri”or a similar phrase of words to say good bye to Siri. The combination of the words can differ, but the meaning has to be similar to these two words. Then Siri will go to sleep until you call it back. After the message was received from you, Siri will get going with a confirmation. Siri will be waiting until the next moment when you are going to need him. Thousands of things can be obtained from Siri, if you use Siri well. It’s better making sure to use Siri in a proper way. The most you should remember is, Siri is not meant for entertainment.



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