What is Google Scholar, and how do I use it?

what is google scholar

What is this Google Scholar?

In simple words, answer for What is Google Scholar? Google Scholar is a web search engine. Moreover, it searches explicitly scholarly academic resources as well as literature.

On the other hand, some people misunderstand this Google Scholar. Because most of the time, teachers or lecturers ask their students not to use Google information in their assignments or reports, but it is not the thing that happens with this feature. 

In addition to that, there is a clear difference between these two components; Google and Google Scholar. So, now we are going to explain that difference. 

Usually, Google shows public web content. So that means, your teacher requests you to avoid those open web contents. That’s all. What happens in this Google Scholar is very different! 

It searches scholarly books, documents, and articles that have the same types of contents when you search in the databases and library’s catalogue. So, it is not the same as ordinary Google. 

How does Google Scholar differ or relate to the library’s databases?

There are some differences between Google Scholar and library databases due to the content of each of them. Furthermore, Google Scholar won’t include all the information which is in the library’s databases. 

In contrast, there are citations in Google Scholar, and they can link to the full text that exists in the library’s database. Also, Google Scholar is the most convenient method to start. 

Even though it will be better to refer to the library’s individual database for further information or if you need something in detail than Google Scholar provides you.

How do I use Google Scholar to search and view items?

Searching something that you need is very easy, and it is very similar to the procedure in regular Google. So, these are the steps that you must follow here.


First, go to the library’s homepage to get the start. 

Second, search SHSU’s Google Scholar and then click on the ‘Articles & More’ tab. 

Third, now you can type your search term or the phrase there. For instance, enter as ‘bird flu.’

Then, you will receive the most relevant results in the first place. They will be based on the item’s author, text, number of turns it has been cited within the other sources, etc. Some specific actions will be quite different from the ordinary Google.

Furthermore, you won’t receive the full-text document after clicking on the title you selected there. It will take you to a description or a citation instead of a full text. 

How do I get the full-text documents from my search results?

It is not difficult to get the full-text document in this case. What you must do is, looking for the PDF or HTML link. You will be able to find it to the right size of the article title. 

If you cannot find the full-text document from that method, there is another option for you. What you can do is, contacting the Library Service Desk for help to find the relevant article. Sometimes, the documents do not make available online. 

So, you will be able to find them from the library building or via the interlibrary loan. 


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